4 Renovation Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home

Are you looking to increase the value of your home so that potential buyers will be more attracted to your home, leading to higher offers?

Below you’ll find some renovation ideas you can apply to your home to help increase the value and attract quality buyers.reonvating your home

Ranging from simple ideas, like repainting and rearranging furniture to more complex projects like solid plastering and going green, there’s bound to be a number of things you can do to up the perceived value of your home, without it costing you an arm and a leg!

1. Convert a Spare Room into Something Different or in Demand

The most common rooms within a home are the dining room, living room, master bedroom, spare bedroom, garage, family room, attic, etc … Some uncommon rooms that have the potential to instantly increase intrigue in your home are gaming rooms, studies, libraries, exercise rooms, bars, and theatre rooms, just to name a few.

Start thinking about which rooms you have in your home that you’re not using often, or that are common among other homeowners trying to sell in your area. Next, decide what you’re going to do with that room and then implement it.

You can even consult a realtor about what might be desired among potential homebuyers before taking the plunge and repainting or wallpapering the room.

2. Repaint Rooms with Neutral Colours

Simply changing the colours of your interior walls from something vibrant or unique to something neutral and less imposing can be a simple way to increase the value of your home.

It’s important to keep a potential buyer in mind when painting. Helping them ‘see’ their own life, ideas and projects inside the room can be very important for first impressions. Using neutral colours like whites, light greys, light browns, tan and other ‘earth colours’ can be a good start.

3. Add Protection and Style with Solid Plastering

A more complex, but highly impacting option to increase the value of your home is through solid plastering. Also known as cement rendering, this is the process of adding additional layers to the exterior (usually) of your home for both aesthetic and functionality purposes.

These layers are usually made from a thin cement-like product, made from sand, cement, lime and water. These layers will not only insulate and protect the walls beneath them, but they can also be textured and decorated to make your home stand out.

While it can be installed on your own, it’s usually best to find professional contractors who have had training and plenty of experience. Not only will it be done quickly, it will have professional, near-perfect results that can make a difference to your home and eventual sale price.

4. Go Green With Solar Panels

Another option is to ‘go green.’ Investing in green options like adding solar panels to your property can vastly increase the value of your home. Whether or not you’re trying to sell your home, an installation of solar panels can offer you—or the future homeowner—incredible savings on energy. In some cases, there may even be the option of receiving money back in ‘green tax credits’ from your power supplier.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home, freshen up your living space or just increase the value of your home, consider trying one or more of these options in your home today! It might be a weekend project or a week-long project, but either way it will have a lifelong impact to the value of your home.

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