6 Landscaping Ideas to Bring Life to Your Garden

If you’re looking to smarten up the look of your home, adding or updating a garden is the one of the best ways to bring new life to your outdoor areas.

Below you’ll find some exciting landscaping ideas that will provide some added life to your home and garden. Using garden walls to improve your home

From simple additions and alterations to professional Gold Coast renders by licensed experts, there’s a project for everyone!

1. Add Fencing With Colourful Flowers and Vines

If you have an unfenced section, add a small fence to bring a new look to your home. By keeping a fence short, you can give the illusion that your house is further back from the road. Intertwine some vines and colourful flowers and you can bring more variety and colour to the front of your home. Remember, first impressions count, particularly if you’re looking to sell your home in the near future.

2. Decorate Your Garden With an Entrance

There’s no better way to signify the importance of your garden and natural landscape than by providing an entrance to it. There are many different ways in which you can create an entrance, from iron or wooden gates, stone pathways, incorporating plants into an arch, plus much more. Choose one that suits your home.

3. Build a Garden Wall

Add some variety to your garden by constructing large walls around or in your garden to help offset the lush atmosphere that your plants will provide. In addition, installing a garden wall into your garden will also provide it with a structure to design your garden around. You can add plants and vines along the top of the wall, up steps or around the base of the structure.

Render Makeovers is a team that is dedicated to making quality structures, and garden walls are no exception. If you want to have rendering done to your home in the Gold Coast area, contact them today to see what they can do for you.

4. Add Height To Your Garden

Emphasise another dimension in your garden by using plant hangers in order to draw the attention of you and your guests’ eyes. Metal hangers are the most common in gardens, but you can also get creative and use rope or twine to hold up a plant’s pot. Not only will this help bring another level of design to your garden, but it can also benefit each plant with better drainage and aeration.

5. Add Light for More Ambience

Lighting is one of the quickest ways to add ambience to your outdoor area. It isn’t considered very often and makes it an appealing option for homeowners interested in brightening up their garden. From tiki-torch inspired lamps, lighted plant pots and pathway lights to solar options and lanterns hanging from tree branches, there are a variety of ways to bring light to your garden at night.

6. Bring Functionality To the Outdoors

If you want to use your garden frequently for your own relaxation or as a social gathering place with friends and family, add some furniture to bring functionality to your outdoor living spaces. A table and a few chairs is the easiest way to add a new room outside of your home. Use it for reading and studying, for eating outside, or simply just to relax and socialise!

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