6 Tips to Save Time and Money on Your Remodel

Renovation specialists have been learning for decades how to minimise costs and maximise results. Some specialists are willing to share some of their secrets to help people looking to remodel their home, whether it’s a full home remodel or just a single room.

Listed below are just a handful of many, many tips and strategies for you to consider to save time and money on various renovation projects you might want to undertake.reonvating your home

1. Search and Shop Online

Being in an era where a digital presence is common for most businesses, this gives you an opportunity to capitalise on benefits of scouring the web. While a local hardware store might charge a certain price, an online shop might be able to offer discounts and sales for that same merchandise. However, make sure you do plenty of research and factor in all other external costs (like shipping) before committing.

2. Dare to Barter and Ask for Discounts

Home renovation and remodeling is a big industry and every customer these companies see is usually a big sale waiting to happen. You can use this to your advantage by politely asking for discounts for specific products and services, offering to buy in bulk or paying with cash upfront. You don’t have anything to lose. The worst thing that the contractor or renovation specialist will do is say ‘no.’

3. Focus on Efficiency, Not Size

When remodeling, by focusing on efficiency with the space you have and not demolishing walls to extend your floor space, you can save a lot of time, energy and money. Consider reorganising shelves or updating them to provide more utility and space inside each cabinet and drawer. You can find special cabinet equipment that act as drawers you can pull out and maximise vertical space.

4. Schedule Renovations During Business Downtime

By opting to hire a renovation specialists to redo your home during peak seasons, like summer, back-to-school and the winter holiday, you may be paying a higher premium for the same project. By by waiting until business is slow, a company might be willing to haggle with price to keep business steady.

5. Visit a Recycling Centre or Salvage Yard

By visiting a recycling centre or salvage yard you may be able to find furniture, appliances or other pieces of decor to spruce up your home. If you don’t mind a few dents and scratches you can save a considerable amount of time by picking out used, abandoned or lightly damaged items. Sand them down, add your own personal touch and they’ll look brand new.

6. Donate Items Instead of Trashing Them

When getting rid of items during a remodeling project, avoid trashing the items, or worse yet, hiring someone to get rid of your unwanted junk. By contacting a donation centre, not only will they be willing to pick the items up for free but you may be able to use it as a tax write-off in some areas. Renovation specialists may even be able to offer this service as part of their remodeling packages too, so don’t forget to ask.

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