How a render makeover to your old brick property can return thousands.

It’s said that an investment in your home is an investment in your future, but it’s important to understand that not all investments are the same.

When thinking about adding value to your home its important to consider a well planned home renovation strategy that maximises your returns.

If there’s one proven method that investors and homeowners alike use to increase their property’s value, it’s rendering old brickwork.

A render makeover can add considerable value to your home by significantly lifting street appeal and bringing its look into the 21st century.

When you think about what a potential buyer first sees when they come to inspect your home, it is the external appearance and exterior finishes. First impressions count and the external appearance often tells a buyer a story about what they can expect to see when they step inside.

If your external appearance is clean and modern, a buyer can expect the same from the internal features. However, if your exterior appearance looks old and dated this can often scare off a buyer before they even get to look inside.

To maximise your returns your home needs to reflect the aspirations of buyers and these days they want to feel like they are living in modern, stunning homes.

A render makeover is a quick, easy and affordable way to renovate an older property or to save money when building a new property. And best of all, a well planned render makeover can add thousands of dollars to your home. Some people have added $15,000 or more in value.

A render makeover has many advantages; it conceals the material that your home is built from whether that be brick, concrete or some other type of material (i.e. sheeting or cladding). This is useful if the brickwork of your home is unattractive, old, cracked or just outdated.

It provides any home with an elegant look that can be presented as a traditional, heritage or modern masterpiece. However, it is the ability to choose a render that accentuates the other elements and colours in your home that really makes the difference.

Rendering is also a great solution for a maintenance-free finish, all you need to do to keep it in mint condition is to simply brush occasionally to remove spiderwebs and have a quick squirt with the hose to get remove any dust.

As with any makeover solution, it’s important that you do your research and find a suitably qualified team with a track record of successful jobs. Rendering is a complex task that can crack and change colour if it is not done correctly.

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