What’s the Difference Between Rendering and Bagging?

When looking to remodel, renovate or increase the quality of your home, there are numerous ways to approach it. From rendering brick homes to repainting the interior of your room, there are usually a few options you can pursue to get the best look and quality for your home.

One common example for renovating the exterior of your home is rendering while another common method is bagging. They both work to achieve similar goals but go about it in different ways and have different pros and cons to consider.

Read on below to see which option will benefit your home the best.home render

What is Rendering and Bagging?

Rendering, in home renovations, is the process of applying pre-mixed layers of ingredients (sand and cement are common in cement renderings). This mixture is then rendered onto a brick home, or a surface with stone or mud brick. After the layer is applied, it is usually painted, textured or coloured with different mediums and techniques.

While rendering is most common for the exterior of homes, it can also be used for interiors.

Bagging, commonly related to plastering, it is similar to rendering in that you are applying a mixture to a wall or surface, but it is often lighter and requires less materials and expertise to complete than a full brick home rendering project. Bagging is done to protect the brick and exterior of the home while providing a new layer to paint on top of for decoration.

What’s the Cost?

The cost of both rendering and bagging will vary depending on the location, the size of the home and how exactly you want your renovation done. The most notable difference between bagging and rendering is cost between the two. Bagging or plastering will almost always be cheaper than a full rendering project, although you will likely be sacrificing quality.

What’s the Quality?

Between rendering and bagging, a satisfying level of quality will depend on your own standards. While bagging has the upper hand in cost, rendering has more steps, takes longer and will provide a finished and professional look. Rendering is often considered to be superior while bagging is considered for projects where aesthetics or long term value is not considered.

What Problems Can I Expect?

Rendering requires a higher level of expertise than bagging. While bagging can be done by anyone, rendering is best left for professionals in order to guarantee quality results. In addition, preparing mixtures for both rendering and bagging can prove to be a challenge when mixing colours or applying even layers of coating. It is always recommended to paint over any finished layers to protect it from the elements.

Which is the Best?

There is no clear answer as the differences between rendering and bagging both cater to different preferences and goals for a renovation project.

If you want to save some money, then bagging may be your best option. However, if long-term quality results are a part of your standards then contact us today at Render Makeovers. We can help you make a well-informed decision on which type of exterior renovation will work best for your home.

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